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Become a LaughFest Friend!

LaughFest Friends Membership is an exclusive program that gives fans the opportunity to get even closer to the festival, get their hands on great stuff, and make a difference in the lives of those living with cancer or grief by supporting programs offered through Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids. For just $25, each member will receive:


-An exclusive LaughFest Friends t-shirt, designed by The Mitten State (a $28 value)

LFF photo for website

-High Five button and donation benefiting Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids

-Early access to LaughFest 2014 Fast Passes (Prior to February 17)

-LaughFest Friends-only exclusive content, like special e-blasts, behind-the-scenes photo and video, and members-only events

-Unlimited laughs and smiles


So don’t let this opportunity pass you by, sign up to become a LaughFest Friend today!

LaughFest Friends: a smile is always better when you share it!


Membership Sign Up (Pick Up)

Pick up your goodies at the Gilda's Club Grand Rapids clubhouse at 1806 Bridge St NW. No shipping charges apply.


Membership Sign Up (with Shipping)

Don’t live in West Michigan but don’t want to let distance get in the way of your LaughFest Friendship? Choose this option with an added shipping cost, and we will send you your goodies around the same time as the member event in December or February.


Frequently Asked Questions


What in the world is LaughFest Friends Membership?
LaughFest Friends Membership is a program that gets you access to exclusive benefits, content, and more!

My mind is blown. Who can join?
Anyone who likes to smile!

Let’s talk turkey. How much does it cost?
It’s only $25!

I already have friends. What do I receive for joining?
A limited edition LaughFest tee designed by The Mitten State that can’t be purchased anywhere else, early access to 2014 Fast Passes, a High Five button denoting your support of Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids, members-only content and access, and more!

I want that. Now. When will I receive my member goodies?
There will be LaughFest Friends-only parties in December and February where you can grab your goodies and share some smiles. Anyone who can’t make it to a party or signs up after can pick up their goodies at Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids located at 1806 Bridge Street NW, Grand Rapids MI 49504.

Slap hands! What is a High Five donation?
A High Five is a $5 donation to the programs for children living with cancer or grief and for our in-school emotional health programs offered through Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids. Plus, each donation will be matched by our High Five partner companies up to $50,000, so every High Five brings us closer to our goal of $100,000!

I try to stay off the grid. Why does LaughFest need my date of birth, mailing address, and email?
We want to make sure that all of our LaughFest Friends get to share the smile all year, so we will send you periodic updates and benefits, and maybe even a surprise or two!

Knowledge is power. Will you share my information?
LaughFest will not share any of your information without your permission, but you can certainly let the world know that you are a proud LaughFest Friend!

LaughFest is only 10 days in March, and I want to be Best Friends Forever. How long does this last?
Good news: LaughFest Friends is an annual program, so you’ll receive benefits all year long. And as long as you renew your membership each year, the fun will never stop!

This sounds too good to be true. What’s the catch?
There seriously isn’t one, so what are you waiting for? Sign up today!