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Homegrown Show

Thursday March 13                       Content Guidelines: RRR

9:00p                                                  FREE/Fast Pass

The BOB-3rd Floor


Floyd Mayweather Jr.  Al Green. Gerald R. Ford. All 3 were at one time Grand Rapids residents and no one took advantage of becoming their best friend while they lived here, in order to be rewarded handsomely later in life as part of their entourage. Will you let the same opportunity surpass you again in 2014?

Believe it or not, Grand Rapids has professional touring comedians that currently still reside and pay taxes to the 2014’s Beer City USA.  These comics have credits that include, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, the Bob & Tom show, and comedy festivals from San Francisco to Atlanta.

Constantly comedians are asked, “How do you come up with your material?”  The year, this show plans to answer that with a brief interview with each comic, on stage, immediately after their set is finished.  5 comedians. 4 interviews. 1 show. Come see if we got our math right and see these comics while they still reside in the lovely 616.

Food and beverages will be available for purchase at the venue.

Matt Lauria

Matt Lauria has been unsuccessful at everything from relationships, productivity, and especially writing witty comedy bios.  These failures not only make for an evening of entertainment, but leave audience members feeling as if they’ve accomplished more in their lifetime.

Since Matt began telling jokes for money and drink tickets, he has had the opportunity to work with some of the country’s biggest names; Jon Lovitz, Tracy Morgan, Amy Schumer, Patrice O’Neal, D.L. Hughley, etc.

Matt’s act is based on his personal life experience and observational humor, while all being centered around his frustrations on his own abilities. Come see why Matt was recently voted prettiest, African American actress, over the age of 47.




David Dyer

David Dyer has been doing stand-up for over eighteen years.  He’s appeared on the nationally syndicated Bob and Tom Show as well as their television show on WGN America. He’s a contributing writer to NBC’s Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and in the past, he contributed to ABC’s Politically Incorrect. David’s interesting and sometimes twisted take on life will make you say, “Hey, that happened to me, too” even if it didn’t.

Allen Trieu


After beginning his comedy career by winning Grand Valley State University’s Last Laker Standing Competition, Allen Trieu has turned a hobby into a career. A smart, young comic with material that is both unique and relatable, he has appeared on the Bob and Tom Show, been in the San Francisco Comedy Competition, Gilda’s LaughFest and in numerous clubs and colleges across the country.

Adam Degi


Clever and fearless, Adam Degi makes a habit out of turning life’s negatives into positives in the form of stand up. He captivates and engages audiences with his quick wit and strangely endearing personality.

After winning the Funniest Person in Grand Rapids competition in 2009, he took his act on the road, performing at colleges around the country and hosting a comedy game show.

He’s a festival favorite performing at Laughfest, The Laugh Your Asheville Off Comedy Festival, and Funny or Die’s Oddball Festival headlined by Dave Chappelle.

Adam was once given a very tall standing ovation by the Harlem Globe Trotters. His dream is to one day be black and entertain the world.

D.K. Hamilton


A “student of human behavior,” D.K. Hamilton is a nationally-touring comic, entertaining audiences with his unique, smart, and sardonic takes on pop culture, race, and relationships. Named “Funniest Person in Grand Rapids” by Grand Rapids Magazine for two consecutive years and featured in its March 2013 issue, D. K. finds humor in examining the things that we secretly believe but are too polite to say out loud. Using his ability to entertain a great variety of audiences without resorting to lowest common denominator humor, D.K. Hamilton was an audience favorite at the 2010 Laugh Detroit Comedy Festival, performed in the 2012 FOX 101.3 Brew Ha Ha, competed in the 2013 Cleveland Comedy Festival, and performed in Gilda’s Laughfest in 2011, 2012, and 2013, including the 2013 LaughFest’s Best show. In addition to performing, D.K. Hamilton is an award-winning humor columnist and has contributed to popular internet humor sites and is a contributing editor For Grand Rapids Magazine.