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Maria Bamford

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Saturday March 8                                      Content Guidelines: RRR

8:00p-Tickets no longer available & 10:00p-Tickets no longer available

$25.00 (General Admission)

Wealthy Theatre


Which comedian did Judd Apatow tell the L.A. Times he thinks is hysterically funny? What entertainer starred in Target’s Black Friday ad campaign three years in a row? Whose cult hit web series is being displayed at the Museum of Art and Design in New York? Which comic’s CD was named one of the best comedy albums of the year by and one of the best comedy albums of the decade by The AV Club? Maria Bamford! That’s Who!

You may recognize Maria Bamford from her recurring role as “Debris” on the Netflix’s Arrested Development. Her most recent special, The Special Special Special received rave reviews in the New York Times.


Beverages will be available for purchase at the venue.

Maria Bamford photographed in Los Angeles, CA on January 13, 2009.