Greetings TEAM CAPTAINS!  We’re seriously excited to have you and your teammates participate in the LaughFest Seriously Funny Adventure Challenge this year. Please be sure to share these details with your teammates.



For 2023 we will be using a mobile phone app to reveal clues and scoring. This means at least one member of your team needs to have access to a mobile phone throughout the event.

Participants can join the game by following these simple steps:

    1. Download the GooseChase iOS or Android app.
    2. Please register for a personal account with a username & password of your choice so that if you win we can connect with you after.
    3. Search for and select the Seriously Funny Family Adventure Challenge 2022 game or search by game code 8XRXJX.
    4. Follow the prompts to select or create your team. Enter team access code: 8XRXJX



We would love to have you dress-up while participating in the challenges.  Show your true colors and most creative costumes in order to score some bonus points!



Speaking of dress, remember to dress for the weather as well.  As we all know, March in Michigan is unpredictable, so bring along your hats and gloves.  The event will be held downtown with activities all over the downtown area so tennis shoes are a good idea.  If you will have little ones in tow, you will be covering a lot of ground, running or walking, so consider bringing a stroller if necessary.



This year’s event is self-paced, so you may complete the challenges any time between 8am on Wednesday, March 16th and 8pm on Sunday, March 20th. Your submissions will be reviewed and scored by our team and winners will be announced the week of March 21st.




Stay Safe, Have Fun and remember Creativity Counts!


*PLEASE NOTE: This information will also be shared by email before March 8th. 


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