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Almost 10 comedy writers have been working away and crafting jokes to make 1953’s weirdo, Twilight Zone-ish film, “The Hitchhiker”, a MUST-SEE event at this year’s LaughFest! 
Fans of RiffTrax and Mystery Science Theater 3000 should pop some popcorn and get ready for 70 minutes of almost non-stop jokes and fun-filled film commentary. The movie “The Hitch-hiker” will be shown while comedians Nick Milbratz, Katie Milbourne, and Josh Helleradd alternate dialogue and sound effects. It’s like having professional comedians come over to watch a movie with you, to make the movie better and also possibly ruin it forever.
The Hitchhiker tells the story of two men picking up a hitchhiker who turns out to be…a KILLER! The killer takes them hostage and they end up on an incredibly weird, road trip. Do a ton of tomatoes get eaten? YES! Does the car horn malfunction at one point? You better believe it! Are there lengthy shots of cars driving through the desert? More than anyone could have wanted! THE HITCHHIKER! 



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*Sales for this show will end at 3pm on Friday, March 12.