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It’s commentary you didn’t ask for and a podcast you don’t need.

Nearly 40 years later and they’re still talking. Join Brad Laackman and Steve Steketee as they throw their once private rants, raves, and reviews into the public’s face-with the help of some local celebrities. We’ll teach no lessons and solve no problems.

Grand Rapids podcast ‘Absolute B.S. with Brad and Steve’ brings their irreverent and transparent conversational style to LaughFest. Joined by leadership coach Barbara Rapaport, and stand-up comedian Nardos Osterhart, the four will carry a live discussion about all things cancerous: including the grief journey, binge-watching television, doing puzzles, finding silver linings, and ridiculous pop-culture.


Nardos Osterhart has been doing standup since 2012 and won the Funniest Person in Grand Rapids contest in 2013.  She’s produced two successful one woman shows, Halfrican and  Broad, wholesome, charitable views.  Her humor highlights the absurdities of everyday life, memories from the past, and parenting fails. Her comedic influences are Dave Chappelle, Maria Bamford, and John Mulaney.



Barbara Rapaport passionately believes the answers are always in the room. Through her executive coaching firm, Real-time Perspectives, Barbara collaborates with clients to create the appropriate context for those answers to surface. She has distinguished herself with local, national and global clients for her signature ability to guide them to reflect deeply on where they want to go – and to say out loud – what’s getting in their way.

In her consulting practice, Barbara has worked with more than 100 varied client groups in over 20 countries. These include Fortune 500 corporations, educational and health care institutions, professional services organizations, as well as government and nonprofit agencies. She has coached senior leaders and their teams at the World Economic Forum and major public school systems in New York, Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. She also has committed herself to helping clients uncover hidden barriers that impede their ability to embrace Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. Most notably, she served as the Project Manager/Facilitator for Talent 2025’s “DEI Communities of Practice” initiative. Over a two-year period, she convened more than thirty large and small West Michigan employers to share their DEI knowledge and expertise around best practices, existing benchmarks and future strategies.

Barbara is the author of Reimagined, a memoir recounting her harrowing experience battling and surviving a rare form of cancer. She earned her BA in American Studies at Douglass College where she was inducted into the Phi Beta Kappa Society. She holds an MS in Rehabilitation Counseling from Boston University. Barbara lives in Grand Rapids, MI with her husband Stuart. She has two wonderful grown children and is full of pride for their accomplishments.