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We’re bringing back SIX Best of the Midwest winners and festival favorites for our 2020 All-Stars Showcase.


Vince Carone

AJ Finney

Vince CaroneVince Carone has become an audience favorite who is known for his fast-talking, quick-witted, rants, that draw you in and pummel you with truth and laughter. He finds the angles that nobody else sees and finds a way to get you to relate to them. He’s been described as a “ranting blue-collar rep for America’s true voice.” Vince was LaughFest’s 2019 Best of the Midwest Competition winner. AJ FinneyAJ Finney Stylistically manic, artistically brilliant, AJ Finney is an eclectic Midwesterner with a passion for the psychedelic scene of the Sixties. Comedy, jam bands and Volkswagens — that’s him. He’s an eco-friendly, improvisational, sometimes philosophical, patchouli-soaked quipster. AJ’s organic approach is refreshing and his poetic stream of consciousness style makes for a colorful and unforgettable comedic experience. AJ was LaughFest’s 2014 Best of the Midwest Competition winner.

Mike Paramore

Amber Preston

Mike ParamoreMike Paramore is the guy you fight to sit next to in a movie theatre, on a long car ride, or during a boring lecture. His natural ability to infuse everyday situations with energetic, uplifting humor, combined with a natural ability to put you at ease is key to his personal brand of comedy. His smooth delivery and powerful punchlines make him a force in stand-up comedy. Mike was LaughFest’s 2017 Best of the Midwest Competition winner. Amber Preston

  • Amber Preston has appeared on national commercials for Buffalo Wild Wings and, at numerous festivals and even on Marc Maron’s “Five Comedians to Watch” list for Vulture. Along with hosting Los Angeles shows The Cut and Punchline Punchout, she recently recorded her debut album Sparkly Parts on Stand Up! Records. Amber was LaughFest’s inaugural, 2011 Best of the Midwest Competition winner.

Mary Santora

Ali Sultan

Mary Santora

  • Mary Santora is quickly making a name for herself as one of the best up and coming comics in the country. She has a straightforward, quick witted style, and has performed alongside Dave Attell, Tom Papa, and Kyle Kinane, to name a few. Mary is a fresh breath of femininity in the male-dominated world of stand up. Mary was a fan favorite at the 2018 LaughFest Best of the Midwest Competition.
Ali Sultan

    • Ali Sultan saw his first stand-up comedian when he moved to America from Yemen at the age of 15. He grew the desire to go on stage but first he needed to learn English. His album happy to be here debuted at #2 on iTunes and can heard on iTunes, Spotify, Xm and Pandora. Ali was LaughFest’s 2018 Best of the Midwest Competition winner.


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