FUNNY GIRLS – A Grand Rapids original, Funny Girls is a collective of comedic artists, building self-esteem and encouraging creative expression through comedy, for women of all ages. Every show is a collaboration featuring sketches, music, mixed media, and improv.





ALEXANDER HAMILTON: FULLY LOADED – Over the past year and a half, Alexander Hamilton has become a world-wide phenomenon, thanks to a quite popular Broadway endeavor that ALLEGEDLY “tells his story”. Alexander Hamilton: FULLY LOADED cuts through that musical bag of lies to tell the true story of Alexander B. Anthony Hamilton, a young cop on the beat in New York City. Along with his partner Aaron Burr, Hamilton takes on a gang of British tea smugglers who threaten to take over the city and then the world.

Written by amateur historians, Mitch Socia and Matt Penridge – As they say, those who don’t know history are doomed to write a kick-ass show about what they imagine might have probably happened