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Comedians from around the country gather to laugh together and celebrate sobriety. Everybody 18 and up are welcome to attend this free show.

Aaron Sorrels Aaron Sorrels, with over three years sobriety, helps people laugh while highlighting recovery and faith. He brings comedy, encouragement and recovery support together with a genuine smile.
Kara Coraci is often described as a “squirrel on coffee. Kara is celebrating over four years of sobriety! This little nut uses comedy as her therapy and pokes fun at everything from step parenting to marriage to everyday mishaps.
Whitney Wasson Whitney Wasson is a stand-up comedian and sober person based in Chicago. She produces Serenity Now!, a monthly showcase featuring the country’s finest sober performers in a drug and alcohol-free environment at The Crowd Theater.
Steve Hansen Steve Hansen, with over 17 years sobriety, entertains audiences throughout the Midwest as both a standup comedian and co-host of the podcast, “Lighten Up.”
Angel Garcia Angel Garcia, Mexican Sweetbread, is a stand-up comedian and sometimes magician hailing from Texas, and now living in Chicago.  When he is not slanging jokes, he is working his magic and contributing regularly to
Dwight McCormick Dwight McCormick, hailing from Springfield,OH, is a Presbyterian Pastor and Comedian who draws upon four years of sobriety to entertain and share a positive message.



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