PLEASE NOTE: all shows at Pyramid Scheme are 21+


This mix of comedians from all over the country will leave you feeling nothing short of entertained. Will you see the next big star? Will you walk away with a new fan favorite? You never know. So bring your friends and get ready to laugh. There is something for everyone at the LaughFest Stand-Up Showcase!


Showcase Performers:

7:00 pm

Jesnaira Baez

Justin Essenmacher
Brendan Gay
Brendan Krick
Johnathon Playford
Phil Pointer
Jamie Ward

Kaira Williams



9:30 pm

Michael Burnett

Lauren Faber
Derek Lee Feltner

Teena Green
Gary Allen (Langley)
Mike Marn
Tom Myers
Molly Reisner
Kass Smiley

Brian Spencer