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Please note, online registration for this event is closed. You will be able to register in person at the event itself.

What to do when you’re not sure how to fix something?—break out the duct tape! It’s sticky, strong, and flexible, and helps even the most complicated projects. But what about when the “projects” involve our personal and social well-being? Where’s the “duct tape” for that?! Join Dr. Jayson Dibble to learn more about what research says when it comes to laughter, humor, and our social and physical health. Come see how laughter and humor could work as “duct tape” for your body and soul!

This event is a Continuing Education (CE) opportunity for Nursing and Social Work!

This event is FREE to attend, however there is a $10 fee for CEs.


The Laughter Rx Series is presented by

Emmanuel HospiceMolina HealthcareSamaritas

Event Co-Sponsored by Making Choices Michigan