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Join eight local comics in a stand-up showcase representing the best the Midwest has to offer!

These folks have been honing their comic chops in and around West Michigan for years. Now they come to the LaughFest virtual stage to present some seriously funny comedy in a variety of styles!

Ginger Ambrosia is a drag performer, stand up comedian, and local legend based out of Grand Rapids, Michigan who has been twirling around for about 6 years now. She is inspired by stand up comedians like Joan Rivers, and often says that her drag character would be the love child of Ronald McDonald and Kathy Griffin. She now performs in local bars and dives that offer a stage to stand up comedians, and uses comedy and drag performance to challenge norms and behaviors of the majority. Ginger Ambrosia has been a unique voice in the Grand Rapids drag scene, and in 2017 was a semifinalist in the BOB’s Funniest Person in GR, and was also featured in LaughFest in 2017. After a brief break in 2018, Ginger Ambrosia blazed through 2020, and is ready to take 2021 on by storm.


Sydney Smith is a comedian and writer from Grand Rapids who loves awkwardness, honesty and current events. In her spare time, she’s usually frowning (hates spare time). Sydney is a member of the comedy collective Funny Girls and is the producer and host of Stella’s back bar comedy series. She was a semifinalist in the Funniest Person in Grand Rapids contest and has been seen in the Detroit Women of Comedy Festival, LaughFest, Lass Laugh Comedy Festival, Stoopfest and more. She was also a featured performer at the Grand Rapids Pride Festival in 2019.


David Dyer has been performing stand-up at comedy clubs and corporate events for over twenty five years.  He’s worked with some of the best comics in the industry including Mike Birbiglia, Jim Breuer, and Lewis Black.  He’s been a contributing writer to NBC’s “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon” and “ABC’s Politically Incorrect”.  He’s a frequent guest on the nationally syndicated “Bob and Tom Show” and often appears on the roster for their “Friends of The Bob and Tom Show” comedy tour.  He’s the host of a new web series called “Sidecar Sessions” where he interviews guests who are sitting in the sidecar of his motorcycle as David pilots the bike around town.  David also created and stars in another web series called “Pillars” with co-star, Kevin Yon, that can be viewed on his website at  At the age of 49, David became an On Call Firefighter with Grand Rapids Township in Michigan….his wife is nervous.

Josh Ortega – When’s Josh is not telling jokes he’s following Dashboard Confessional on tour or eating his weight in Olive Garden breadsticks.  Seriously check out Josh’s social media…  Josh has been blessed enough to open for Dave Attell, Dave Dyer, and many other guys not named Dave.  He may be the only person to ever use the word herpes in a best man speech.  Outside of that he only loves his bed and his momma… he’s sorry.





Kaira Williams was voted 2nd Favorite Comedian in 2018 and 2019 by readers of Revue West Michigan, and is likely the reason that category was removed for 2020. Kaira is an elder millennial, a lifelong New Kids on the Block fangirl, and recently published her first book, “I’m Fangirling: Snarky Stories & Boyband Memories”. Her humor reflects her personality as a loud, unashamed feminist with self-esteem issues, and her stand-up is an oral biography of the absurdities of being a 30-something woman in the Midwest. 

Hailing from parts unknown, Michael Bussler, a.k.a. “Iron Mike” is a comedian you don’t wanna miss. He’s worked with Brian Posehn, performed at LaughFest, and is the Second Funniest Person in Grand Rapids. When Iron Mike is in town you better be around!




Kian Straub’s hilarious and cynical view of his not so conventional life makes him a hard comic to forget. He’s a Grand Rapids comedian working his way around Michigan, and is sure to leave any crowd laughing with jokes of his own misfortunes.




Nardos Osterhart has been doing standup since 2012 and won the Funniest Person in Grand Rapids contest in 2013.  She’s produced two successful one woman shows, Halfrican and  Broad, wholesome, charitable views.  Her humor highlights the absurdities of everyday life, memories from the past, and parenting fails. Her comedic influences are Dave Chappelle, Maria Bamford, and John Mulaney.