Whether it’s the explicit topic of a comedian’s joke or act or simply inherent due to the events of the day, politics has always played a crucial part in the art of comedy. For at least the next four years, our country’s political climate will prove drastically different than the previous eight. This panel will explore what that means for contemporary comedy and its practitioners. Topics will include:


  • How has the term “political correctness” changed since the 1990s, when it started to gain traction?


  • What level of social responsibility do comedians now have to speak openly about their personal beliefs as it pertains to topics they feel are important to our country’s overall quality of life?


  • Are there certain political topics that are off limits to comedy?


  • How has political comedy programming – think The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, Full Frontal with Samantha Bee, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, Real Time with Bill Maher – affected the current political climate?