REHNER & NIXON – Chicago duo Mollie Rehner and Katie Nixon are taking the country by storm with their clever, fresh and fearless comedy. These two have traveled all over the U.S. winning audiences over through original song, dynamic characters and interactive horse play. Rehner and Nixon take on the world’s biggest battle; brain vs. heart. This mind- powered duo will take audiences on a cerebral ride questioning which voice is the right one.





BOXFAN – Two twenty-year-olds take the stage to share their young perspectives of our older world. Chason Dixon and Spencer Henning have five years of experience improvising together, both as a duo and with a variety of larger improv groups. Boxfan is based in Kalamazoo, Michigan.






THE DON’T WE BOYS! – The Don’t We Boys have been called “One of the best live comedy acts in the country!” The DWB is a critically-acclaimed, fast-paced sketch comedy show which has been invited to comedy festivals in Montreal, San Francisco, New York City and more. They perform sketch comedy the only way they know how: with a foot in the grave.