Comedian Ricco (Rick Pulliam) is leading a group of funny, local comics at the Grand Rapids African American Museum and Archives (GRAAMA). Friday, March 8 at 7:00 pm. This is a FREE event with limited seating, so get there early! Comics include:

Ricco has been performing standup comedy for more than fifteen years and knows how to bring the funny no matter what crowd he is performing for. He got his start at Dr. Grin’s Comedy Club, and has performed in comedy clubs, opened for several up and coming R & B artists, birthday parties, family reunions, anniversaries, church events and Christmas parties all over the country. He also performed at the 2013 LaughFest along with Henry Sapp and hosted last year at GRAAMA.

Nardos Osterhart has been doing standup since 2012. She won the Funniest Person in Grand Rapids contest in 2013 and competed in the San Francisco Comedy Competition in 2014. Nardos emcees at Dr. Grins Comedy Club and has produced a successful one-woman show called Halfrican.

Dany Redwine, a Grand Rapids native, started her comedy career while fighting breast cancer, and has been blazing the stage since winning the fight. As a National headlining comedian, she has opened for names such as AJ Johnson, Scruncho and Pierre. Her fun-loving personality and relentless spirit make her the perfect comedian for any crowd. She placed in GR Comedy Fest 2017 and is the co-host for Make it Spicy in East Grand Rapids. A true testament of survival and resilience, she has the ability to make anyone laugh and enjoys entertaining all crowds.

Mike Logan used to be a janitor at Harvard and if he saw a math equation on a chalkboard while he was cleaning he’d solve it. His best friend is Ben Affleck. When he’s not being a closeted genius he’s traveling all over the country telling jokes. He’s opened for the likes of Jimmy Walker, TJ Miller, and Gilbert Godfried, and Chris Tucker once told him, “You funny man!” Mike has performed at Gilda’s LaughFest and the SXSW Comedy Festival. He likes to bring a unique perspective to the human condition, touching on topics ranging from race relations to hating his daughter’s crush. Always thought-provoking and always a fun time!