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The Cameraman (1928)

Buster Keaton plays a hapless newsreel cameraman desperate to impress his new employer and office crush as he zigzags up and down Manhattan hustling for a scoop. This marvelously inventive film-within-a-film setup allows Keaton’s imagination to run wild, yielding both sly insights into the travails of moviemaking and an emotional payoff of disarming poignancy. Buster Keaton is at the peak of his slapstick powers in The Cameraman—the first film the silent-screen legend made after signing with MGM and his last great masterpiece.


Meet the Organist: Dennis Scott

Dennis Scott, Organist

Dennis Scott is an internationally known silent film organist. He first began accompanying silent films in the 1970s, when he started playing theatre pipe organs installed in pizza parlors. Since 2007, Dennis has been the official organist for the International Buster Keaton Society. He accompanies silent Keaton films yearly for their convention, held in Muskegon, Michigan, where Buster spent much of his childhood.

His style is comparable to that of his legendary mentor, the late John Muri, who recorded numerous silent film scores for Blackhawk Films. Suzanne Lloyd, the granddaughter of the comic genius Harold Lloyd, dubbed Dennis the “Master of Magic Notes.”

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