The Brothers Jacokes – The Brothers Jacokes are a fraternal comedy duo based in Detroit, MI. Pete and PJ Jacokes have been entertaining audiences in Detroit for what seems like years because it has been years. Don’t miss your chance to see two very funny brothers be very funny right in front of your face.




Listen Stupid – Nuverre Naami and Tom Novik have been performing together since 2013. This duo loves to play all kinds of characters, using a montage of scenes to patiently explore and connect everyday relationships and encounters.




Cool Aunt – Cool Aunt is a six-woman, Chicago-based improv team, focused on fast-paced and joy-filled sets. Grounded in truth-filled monologues inspired by an audience suggestion, these women create improvised scenes that stretch the boundaries of reality to better explore life as we know it. Cool Aunt can be seen regularly in Chicago at their weekly iO variety showcase, Sunday Funday with Cool Aunt.

– Deanna Beaton – Sophia Birks – Ashley Girard – Caitlin Grogan – Kayla Mulliniks – Deborah Parks –