Heather Kozlakowski Presents

The Laugh Riot Dolls Featuring Boy Toys!

This show features the boogie-woogie sounds of The Little Dollies!

This is a comedy show you will not want to miss!!


A “student of human behavior,” D.K. Hamilton is a comedy club favorite, entertaining audiences with his unique, smart, and sardonic takes on pop culture, race, and relationships. Named “Funniest Person in Grand Rapids” by Grand Rapids Magazine for two consecutive years and featured in its March 2013 issue, D. K. finds humor in examining the things that we secretly believe but are too polite to say out loud. Using his ability to entertain a great variety of audiences without resorting to lowest common denominator humor, D.K. Hamilton was an audience favorite at the 2010 Laugh Detroit Comedy Festival, performed in the 2012 FOX 101.3 Brew Ha Ha, and performed in Gilda’s Laughfest 2011, 2012, and 2013.

In addition to performing, D.K. Hamilton is an award-winning humor columnist and has contributed to popular internet humor sites.


Sam Rager, often described as charmingly dark, has been honing her comedy across the Midwest since 2012. Not one to shy away from touchy subjects, she is able to derive hilarious commentary from her personal sob stories, and helps audiences feel comfortable enough to unpack the skeletons in their own closets. Sam has performed at the Whiskey Bear Comedy Festival and Border City Comedy Festival, and has also had the opportunity to work with Rhea Butcher, Cameron Esposito, and Dave Landau.



From southern Ohio Lori Graves started comedy on a drunken dare. She entered some amateur contests at a couple clubs and (gasp) won. It was then she realized, at 37, what she wanted to be when she grew up…a comedian. As an only child of an overbearing mother she’s worked as a lunch lady, a bartender, and a nanny only to discover they are basically the same job.

Lori has developed a unique way of looking at the things around her and has plenty of real life examples about how crazy an average Lori day can be. She has worked with nationally touring comics and also heads the longest running non-club comedy open mic in Ohio. Lori once did a nerve-wracking three minutes for the “most critical audience ever” at the Apollo Theater in New York for a group of children age 10-16. Lori works USO events throughout the year and she is on all social media outlets.


Keith Bergman has been swilling coffee and driving around the country telling stories for six years. Before that, he spent a long time playing drums in rock and roll bands. He hasn’t bought any new clothes since then. His comedy veers from smart, sardonic observations to ridiculous personal tales of keeping it together in a world gone weird. He’s performed from LA to New York, in A-list comedy clubs and small town dive bars, and when he’s not at home being an adequate father and husband, he’s on the road seeking the next adventure and the perfect Reuben.



Michigan native, Mike Bobbitt is back from Los Angeles and working on his fourth hour of stand up comedy. This time, Mike offers his perspectives on celebrity, sexuality, people pleasing and the gritty side of Hollywood.

Over the past fifteen years, Mike has performed in four countries, 26 states and Alabama. His three comedy albums are available at the online retailer of your choice. He’s appeared on ABC Family’s “Freak Out”, “Laughs” on Fox and the hugely popular WTF Podcast with Marc Maron. He’s also written for Funny or Die, co-created the Ideal Remake podcast and hosted the Candy Show at the World Famous Comedy Store in Hollywood.

Most importantly, he has really cool tattoos, even cooler cats and looks amazing in blue.


Nardos Osterhart won the Funniest Person in Grand Rapids contest in 2013, and competed in the San Francisco Comedy Festival in 2014. She emcees at Dr. Grins comedy club in Grand Rapids, and has hosted regional talent showcases. Nardos’ humor highlights the absurdities of life, with an ability to review a wide range of topics. Insolent children, bad parenting, and stuff white people like are examples of her onstage attempts to avoid meaningful work offstage. Her influences include Jerry Seinfeld, Chris Rock, and Greg Giraldo.



Catye Palomino is delighted for any opportunity to share her useless knowledge and nonsense for a captive audience. As a veteran public school teacher, Catye has taken full advantage of the free stage time for testing new material. Catye has performed in many Chicagoland venues including the iO Theatre, The Chicago Women’s Funny Festival, and at the World famous Laugh Factory. She has been an active part of the vibrant stand up comedy scene all over the state of Michigan and has performed with at Grand Rapids’ Laughfest, as well as The Laugh Riot Dolls and at Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castle, both in Detroit. She currently holds the runner up title Funniest Person in Grand Rapids in 2015. The highlight of Catye’s comedy career was when she was given the opportunity to host and open for national headlining comedian Fortune Feimster. Catye is proud of her teenage boy wardrobe and would like to thank her parents for spelling her name in a way no one knows how to pronounce.