Join Disability Advocates of Kent County for an evening of laughter and fun! The night will consist of individuals, who all happen to have disabilities, either perform comedy or telling a personal story that is equally hilarious. At this event, you will hear the good, the bad, and the funny experiences that make us all the same, human!


Megan Wirts ***Karaoke Lover. Occasional Comedian.***

Megan has been described as “definitely not modest”, “inspirationally weird” and “pretty hot for having a face like that”. She left her career as a Respiratory Therapist due to being diagnosed with Dystonia, a neurological movement disorder. She can now be found writing her column “Megan Again” for, watching Netflix, drinking coffee, and taking naps. All while trying to parent her two children along with her supportive and hunky husband. Megan also has been known to frequent karaoke bars and stand-up comedy open mic nights.


Jon Cauchi ***Enjoys some things and occasionally stuff too!***
Jon is a 27 year old Youth Transitions Specialist at Disability Advocates of Kent County and graduate from Western Michigan University. After losing about 80% of his vision to a rare disease at age 12 Jon has SEEN the hilarity that often accompanies Disability. Fully loaded with sarcasm and absolutely no filter, Jon will be sure to tell you how it really is. If you can’t laugh at yourself who can you laugh at?



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