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When is Gilda’s LaughFest 2024?

Wednesday, March 6 through Sunday, March 10.

When will tickets for Gilda’s LaughFest go onsale?

Tickets typically go on sale in January. Check back here for the latest news and updates on artists and ticket sales.

Where does Gilda’s LaughFest take place?

The bulk of LaughFest’s shows take place in Grand Rapids with a few shows outside the city in Lowell, Wayland (Gun Lake Casino), and Holland. For more information, please visit our events page.

How do I apply to perform at LaughFest?

We are a fully curated festival and do not accept performance submissions. Our booking process is managed by Funny Business Agency. If you are interested in performing at LaughFest, please contact them to inquire about suitability.

How can I volunteer at LaughFest?

There are a lot of different volunteer opportunities before, during and after the festival. There are no minimum or maximum time commitments when volunteering. Whether you choose to volunteer a little or a lot, know you will be bringing smiles and laughter to the lives of many…all while helping support the year-round work happening at Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids! To learn more or to apply to be a volunteer, visit our volunteer page.

What does your content guidance signify?

Our Content Guidance Key has been designed to give you an overall sense of the content of festival events and shows you might enjoy at LaughFest. Beyond Family Friendly rated events, these ratings are not a guarantee of adherence to them by LaughFest’s artists, as material is often subjective and open to personal preferences and individual discernment of those in the audience as to where on the clean/appropriate spectrum a show falls. To learn more, please visit our content guidance page.

May I record video or audio of a show?

Please do not record video or audio without prior permission—those jokes are copyrighted material that belongs to the performer. Unless otherwise posted or communicated, it’s fine to snap a few photos for Instagram within the first two minutes of an artist’s performance but please do not use a flash, block the view of other audience members, or do anything that might disrupt the show. Once a show begins, we seriously encourage you to sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

What time do doors open for performances?

If you are attending the first show of the night at a venue, doors generally will open one hour before showtime. After that, typically doors will open 30 minutes prior to showtime. While we strive for this timeline, actual times may vary by venue.

Where do I send my press request?

If you are interested in seeking press credentials or would like to interview a staff or program member for a feature or a breaking story, please contact: Tyler Lecceadone, SeyferthPR at 616.776.3511 or [email protected].