Whether you’re an amateur comedian or a stand-up pro, we welcome you to register to be a part of our LaughFest Showcases for the 2018 festival!


How do I get my name of the list? Register HERE!

There is an a early bird registration fee of only $15; but it will increase on December 11 until December 18 (with a fee of $25) so don’t wait!

What does my registration fee include?

We’re glad you asked, because there are some pretty cool benefits..

  • An automatic $5 donation to the High Five campaign benefiting the children’s grief, cancer and in-school emotional health programs provided by Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids
  • $5 discount on designated LaughFest shows and LaughFest merchandise at LaughFest Central
  • Access to networking events and workshops

Who will I be performing with?

Shows are made up of mixed levels of talent. This creates a diverse lineup and should bring in larger audiences, therefore making it a better experience for our performers.

Please be aware that performers will be assigned to their specific shows.

There will be a special show for first time stand-up performers. This will be a show specifically for those who are trying stand-up comedy for the first time or have less than a handful of shows under the belt.


We will have a limited number of spots for 2018 and will take applications on a first come, first serve model. So don’t wait and register today!