Wow!  The Festival just flew by!  We’re seriously grateful for how awesome all of you were before AND during the ten days of LaughFest, and we seriously hope that you had a great time while you were volunteering!

This festival absolutely could not happen without all of your commitment, time, talent, and energy.  We got wonderful feedback from venues , artists, and attendees alike about how great our volunteers were throughout!

We also want to thank you for representing Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids and LaughFest to the community so well, and for being so patient, flexible, and for flipping it up as those “it’s always something” moments happened. You rock!

Haven’t had enough LaughFest yet?  We didn’t think so, and neither have we! That’s why we want to remind you about the All Volunteer Post Festival Celebration, which is happening this THURSDAY! We seriously hope you can join us!  The details are:

When:  Thursday, March 20, 2014

Where:  Steelcase Town Hall

Time:  6:30 pm

What:  We’ll be celebrating YOU!  There will be music, cake, and sweet SWAG… as well as the final raffle!

High Five sellers – Please bring the money and any unsold High Fives with you to the meeting.

We also encourage you to send us your “awesome moments” that you experienced throughout the festival!  Post them to our social media, include them on your email survey, send us a note, put up a smoke signal, or even send a carrier pigeon; we want to hear about your favorite festival experiences!  Who knows… we may share it during the slideshow at the celebration!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Your LaughFest Team