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Content Guidance

Heading to a LaughFest show or event? Fantastic – we know you’ll have a seriously good time!

Our Content Guidance Key has been designed to give you an overall sense of the content of festival events and shows you might enjoy at LaughFest. Beyond Family Friendly rated events, these ratings are not a guarantee of adherence to them by LaughFest’s artists, as material is often subjective and open to personal preferences and individual discernment of those in the audience as to where on the clean/appropriate spectrum a show falls.

At LaughFest, we know laughter unites us AND we might not all laugh at the same thing. We highly encourage all festival goers to do your research on an artist before purchasing tickets. The best way to get an idea of the type of content you might see at any given show is to watch a couple of clips of the artist you’re considering seeing performing stand-up. Remember, clips of an artist on a main-stream nationally televised show will follow FCC guidelines and might not be the best indication of what you might expect at their show.

As always, the views of artists performing at LaughFest do not necessarily represent those of Gilda’s LaughFest or Gilda’s Club Grand Rapids, their employees, volunteers, Board and event partners.

Content Guidance Key


Family Friendly

Content is suitable for all. Great for kids, tweens, teens all the way up to octogenarians (that’s 80 + years old), but really there’s no age cap on a seriously good time!


Clean Adult Laughs

Adult content without vulgarity and/or profanity. Content may still be considered “suggestive” and can cover a wide range of topics.


Anything Goes!

Adult content completely up to the creativity of the artist—no holds barred. It may contain strong subject matter, vulgarity and/or profanity. Then again, it might not. Anything Goes!

Additional Information Tags

These additional tags do not necessarily denote the type of content—they simply give added guidance when preparing for your event/show.


Artist Recommendation

Per artist request and recommendation, this event is intended for attendees older than the age indicated in the tag. For example, AR: 13+ means the artist recommends audience members be 13 or older.


Identification Required

The venue for this event has age restrictions (indicated in the tag) in place and will require a valid government issued ID for admission. For example, ID: 18+ means the venue requires people to present a valid photo ID that verifies they are at least 18 years old upon request to be admitted to the show.


Laughter Rx Event

Events with a focus on or celebration of laughter for the health of it and the beneficial impact laughter can have on physical, emotional and mental health.