**Please note all shows at Pyramid Scheme are 21+


Do you like your comedy inoffensive, free of swear words, and something you could take you grandmother to? Well, this isn’t the show for you!

This is the 5th Annual Dirty Show, and we plan on bringing you some hilarious jokes with a side of filth. It will be raucous, over the top, and mind blowing! When it is all over your sides will be hurting from laughing and you will walk away with a whole new vocabulary of words you can’t use at church!


Adam Degi has done everything from hosting a game show and performing stand up at colleges to taking his act to clubs and festivals around the country. He won the Funniest Person in Grand Rapids Competition in 2009 and was in the Semi – Finals of the Comedy 10K in 2014. He also received a standing ovation from the Harlem Globetrotters.

His strangely endearing personality and ability to riff, rant and improvise sets him apart and makes every show unique. With an unapologetic, outspoken, unfiltered, and often unscripted act it’s difficult to tell when he’s telling a joke or just getting something off his chest. Adam Degi is anything but predictable and when he has a microphone in his hand you never know what might happen so grab a seat and pay attention!


Jordon Shaver is a Grand Rapids comedian with exquisite tastes. A man of fine wines and cheeses, he will delight you with his unique formula of writing jokes on paper and then later saying them into a microphone. He is survived by his 2 cats.


Josh Alton is a rarity in the world of stand-up comedy: He’s an athlete-turned-comedian.

After playing his final collegiate football game he moved from Des Moines, Iowa to Chicago where he studied improv at the famous Second City Theater and continued doing stand up. Eventually Alton became a regular performer at several Chicago comedy clubs including, the Improv, the Laugh Factory, and Riddles Comedy Club.

Alton was also featured in the stand up comedy documentaries, “Road Dogs” and “American Smartass” and once did a commercial for the AMC Channel.


Josh Adams has a unique brand of comedy that is very interactive and visual. Josh allows his imagination to put a spin on any situation and he cleverly paints a vivid picture with words.The Detroit native is an excellent writer, producer, and stand-up comedian. He puts all three talents into his new web series “Dead Wrong”. 

His talents have captured the eyes of well-known celebrities and he has opened for NAACP Image award winner Mike Epps, Finesse Mitchell, and talk show host Wendy Williams.

Josh’s unique style has also won numerous competitions including: Best of the Midwest Festival in Chicago, Devil Cup in New York City, Funniest Person in Grand Rapids, and Mark Ridley’s Comedy Castles Detroit Laugh Comedy Festival.


Stu McCallister has been performing for audiences for a long time. It started when he was working as a social worker and then transitioned onto the comedy stage. Stu has participated in several comedy fests including: Trial By Laughter, Laughing Skull, The World Series of Comedy, The Oddball Comedy Fest, and Gilda’s LaughFest where he produces the Dirty Show. Stu recorded his 1st comedy CD in Nov of 2015.

Stu’s act can be described as a mixture of part truth, part delusion and all hilarious. Stu has been trained in improv and is not afraid to say ‘Yes, and…’ Stu has worked with crowds varying from pastor appreciation nights, college shows, Amish folk, and honky tonk bars.

When not on stage Stu writes an advice column for Absrdcomedy.com and has his own podcast, LMNOPodcast. He has also recently taken up acting and had a part in a 2016 movie called Drama Class.


Dave Yates, born and raised in Illinois, performs across the country and pursues life, laughter, and music.Dave recently helped break the Guinness World Record for longest comedy show at the Wild West Comedy Fest in Nashville, TN. He was also a feature performer at the nation’s largest music festival, Summer Fest, in Milwaukee, WI.

When Dave isn’t touring, he is also an actor for the Heartland Theater Company. In addition to a love for the stage, Dave is an active speaker and volunteer at recovery centers for addiction recovery. Being four years sober himself, Dave knows how to connect on a multitude of levels with people all over the country.

Dave is also the Host of his own podcast called This Dude’s Podcast. Wherever Dave performs, he brings a mixture of wit and whimsy to audiences of all types. Besides performing, Dave enjoys making and selling his own brand of hot sauce called Ha Ha Hot Sauce.