Come explore the basics of play with the talented improvisatlionalist, Bart Sumner. Active participation is encouraged, laughter is expected, and the session is open to all ages.



About Bart Sumner
Bart Sumner is a professional actor, screenwriter, and improv performer/teacher/guru for over 25 years in New York City and Los Angeles. He has appeared on stage, in comedy clubs, on television and in movies, as well as written for the stage, TV and film. He is the founder and director of RAPID DELIVERY IMPROV and heads the bi-level improv training program at the Grand Rapids Civic Theatre. In 2012 he started the nonprofit charity HEALING IMPROV which uses comedy improv exercises to help those struggling with grief find their laughter again. Bart is the author of HEALING IMPROV: A JOURNEY THROUGH GRIEF TO LAUGHTER, and is a contributor to many online grief resources. He is a nationally recognized speaker and presenter on both improv comedy and grief.