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The Cancer Survivor Showcase is a unique experience featuring live stand-up from comedians who have fought their own battle with cancer. Give your support and share in a seriously funny evening at this one-of-a-kind comedy show.  


Rob Bagley

Brian B.

Rob Bagley started doing standup in 2018. Besides performing throughout the West Michigan area he’s also tried out for America’s Got Talent. He’s twice a cancer survivor- the first time being in 1990 with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. The second time in 2017 with Burkitt’s Lymphoma. 
Brian B. is the creator & MC of the long-running standup comedy show the Sunday Night Funnies. Over the fourteen (14) plus years of the show’s existence over 1,100 different comedians have performed at it. Brian is a cancer survivor of squamous cell carcinoma and was going through chemotherapy & radiation treatment at the time of the very first LaughFest back in 2011, which the Funnies has been a part of since the start. To date the Sunday Night Funnies has raised over $27,000 for Gilda’s Club of Grand Rapids! 

Ben Bradshaw

Adam Degi

Ben Bradshaw has been performing for four years and covers dark subjects with the right amount of silly. Cancer is one of the topics he jokes about. A survivor himself, Ben shares his experience beating Stage 3 Testicular Cancer while shedding a funny light on something that’s not. 
Adam Degi was a performer in The Best of The Midwest Competition at Gilda’s LaughFest in 2019. His 2nd album ‘Limp Nodes’ is available on iTunes, Spotify and SiriusXM. Adam performed at the prestigious Boston Comedy Festival in 2016. In 2014 he was in the Semi-Finals of the Comedy 10K. He won the Funniest Person in Grand Rapids Competition in 2009- just his 2nd year into comedy! His strangely endearing personality and ability to riff, rant and improvise sets him apart and makes every show unique. Adam is a two-time cancer survivor and a comedy survivor.   

Bob Johnson

Dany Redwine

Bob Johnson is new to the West Michigan comedy scene. His comedy is driven by his cancer journey which started last May when he started writing down jokes while in the hospital for treatment. Bob says, “it is an honor to be able to support Gilda’s Club, even in this small way.” 
Dany Redwine first took to the stage in 2014- one year before being diagnosed with ductal carcinoma. Her comedy is edgy and honest about her experience with cancer and living life on her own. She is a bright personality with a positive outlook. Dany has featured for several popular comedians and has performed in New York, California and all around the Midwest. 

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